Medical Doctor – International Hospital Kampala – Kampala

Job Description
Specific Job Responsibilities;
1. Implementing measures and a privacy governance framework to manage data use in compliance with the GDPR, including developing templates for data collection, assisting with data mapping, and vendor management reviews.
2. Working with key internal stakeholders in the review of projects and related data to ensure compliance with local data privacy laws, and where necessary, complete and advise on privacy impact assessments.
3. Serving as the primary point of contact and liaison for the [Lead Supervisory Authority] and other EEA Data Protection Authorities on all data protection related matters under the GDPR.
4. Serving as the primary point of contact for queries in the business.
5. Reviewing vendor contracts (including Model Clauses) and consents needed to implement projects in partnership with the firm’s Procurement and Information Security function and ensuring filing requirements with local regulators are achieved.
6. Participating in the [Data Privacy / Information Governance] Committee.
7. Managing and conducting ongoing reviews of [Company’s] privacy governance framework [including Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) 3]
8. Monitoring changes to local privacy laws and making recommendations to the [Data Privacy / Information Governance] Committee when appropriate.
9. Setting standards and reviewing policies and procedures globally that meet the requirements under the GDPR and any localization requirements in countries of operation.
10. Developing and delivering privacy training to various business functions.
11. Developing strategies and initiatives to ensure engagement with key internal and external stakeholders.
12. Coordinating and conducting data privacy audits.
13. Collaborating with the Information Security function(s) to raise employee awareness of data privacy and security issues and providing training on the subject matter.
14. Collaborating with the Information Security function(s) to maintain records of all data assets and exports, and maintaining a data security incident management plan to ensure timely remediation of incidents including impact assessments, security breach response, complaints, claims or notifications, and responding to subject access requests.

Method of Application
• See Job details via the C-Care Website: Applications should be sent to or hand deliver to C-Care IHK HR office. Apply Now!