School Counselor – Watoto Child Care Ministries

Job Summary:
The School Counselor will develop and implement career guidance programs and scholarship support for all learners in the school

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
Guidance and counseling
Develop and organise programs for all students
Carry out market research of available opportunities in both local and international universities and provides this information to the learners.
Source for possible workplacement/apprenticeship opportunities for students and coordinate placement
Provide relevant counseling modules/training for all teams and stakeholders in the schools
Have at least 2 one on one meetings with each student through the academic year.
Make academic paths recommendations about learners to the teachers and administration
Support tertiary head in tracking career choices of old students.
Plan and budget for career activities in collaboration with the teachers and school administration
Advise on matters concerning students admissions, subject choices, and career development
Attend and provide support to students on class days in collaboration with the teachers.
Scholarship coordination
Create and ensure updated student profiles are in place for each student in order to access scholarships and other learning opportunities
Help identify suitable candidates for available scholarship opportunities.
Support the process of scholarship application for all student e.g TOEFEL, SAT tests.

Key Results:
Individual career guidance student plan
Individual student profile
Identified internship opportunities.
Number of job placement contacts
Evidence of one on ones conducted with students.
Recommendations made.
Old student data base.
Budget available
Career events organised.
Information available to children
Student profiles in place
Database of scholarship opportunities
Records of process of application

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
The ideal candidate for the Watoto Child Care Ministries School Counselor job opportunity should have related qualifications

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